Our History, Our Mission, & Our Vision

Our History

The Club is managed by Mr. David Martin (Parent and Parent School Organization Executive member). Mr. Martin is the only tutor for the chess classes. The Club has many challenges chief among them is a suitable room to house the students. Our tables accommodate eight players which should, normally seat four. We occupy the library plus thee classrooms on meeting days. This makes teaching Chess quite challenging. Our Facebook page is completed. The Website is still under construction.

We also have to fight with the “Extra lessons syndrome” which has robbed our club of several players who can make an impact in the Chess world. Mr. Martin distributes research papers to parents that prove Chess is beneficial to Children. The lowest Term test result by a member of the chess club is 70% and highest being 100 %. (60% of the Club members are in the 90% and above)

The Southern Chess association wrote to school applauding our efforts in chess. We take part in several competitions hosted by the T&T Chess Foundation, The Southern Chess association and recently The T&T Chess Association and the Vikings chess club. We continue to grow at a phenomenal rate and our policy is never close the door on any child that wants to learn the royal game of chess.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach children the wonderful game of chess in the sure knowledge that it will enrich their lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision for 2012 is outlined and support by Parents, Government, Friends, School Management, Sponsors and most important our Club members will help to achieve these goals. 

  • Create our Website
  • Host another Tournament to exceed 2011 record. We would also like to invite our Tobago comrades to this competition.
  • Create a Chess club Library - (Currently in Process we have 25  books suitable for children)  (Launched on January 18th 2012) 
  • Find a suitable location to house the club as we cannot continue to work in the present conditions
  • Either find a permanent sponsor for our club or offer (Platinum, Gold, Sliver and Bronze packages)  
  • We are aiming to have a minimum of Three National Chess champions for 2012. (NOTE : These championships were held from Jan 4th to 7th 2012 and we achieved Two champions Under 8 Female and Under 12 Male.) 
  • Enlighten the Powers that be to make "CHESS IN SCHOOLS" a reality.
  • To be the catalyst for Change in Chess in Trinidad & Tobago (There is too much division) 
  • Host a Chess Camp (One week Live in over the August holidays) 
  • Host a "Chess Fun Day" for all of the chess community to encourage unity
  • Engage in Fund raising ventures for the benefit of the club..
  • Increase our Trophy count
  • Encourage Parents and or friends to assist in Teaching Chess to the Children.
  • Increase our Asset base - It currently stands at $21,796.00 (We need an additional $ 50,000.00 for Clocks, Regulation size Chess sets, Tables, and audio visual aids.) 
  • Access the necessary funding to send our members who are National Champions to the competitions that they qualify for

Our club will continue to grow as we encourage kids and parents to be the leader of chess in schools in Trinidad & Tobago